Call Me Mrs. Miracle

Call Me Mrs. Miracle, by Debbie Macomber, is a perfect feel-good Christmas story.  It reminded me of the old movie with Janet Leigh and Robert Mitchum, Holiday Affair.  Christmas stories should have tears, joy, children’s laughter, surprises and of course love.   Angels don’t hurt either.  Call Me Mrs. Miracle has all of these elements and more.

Holly is the typical overworked and under-appreciated New York worker, full of enthusiasm and love for her family.  This Christmas season, though, she’s being really tested.  Her widowed brother has been deployed to Afghanistan leaving his 8 year old son in her care.  Her parents are off for a year on a medical mission to Haiti.  Her boss is demanding.  Her finances are dismal.  Her last relationship ended when her boyfriend told her she wasn’t capable of mothering his son.   How can she look forward to the best season of the year with all this on her plate?  Well, Holly can and does.  She takes to mothering her nephew like a duck to water, she handles her boss’s demands with aplomb, she cuts corners to make sure her nephew has a wonderful Christmas, and…she finds love!  Wow!  I want that life!

In our stuttering economy with all the problems that we face today, this precious story just makes you feel good.   I’m going to read it again!

Review by Pam Headrick


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