All I Ever Wanted

All I Ever Wanted

Kristan Higgins

 Well, this book surprised me!  I always enjoy Kristan Higgins’ light comedic novels and I love that she always includes a pet as one of her characters as I’m such a dog person.  Someday I’ll have to write my own novel and include my goofy gorgeous German Shepherd, Zach.    Now he’s a dog worth writing about!

But I digress.   Kristan’s newest romance takes place in Vermont, pretty close to Maine so she had me interested right from the start.  Her characters remind me so much of the quirky citizens of my little Maine village.  Callie is a just-turned-30 creative director of an ad agency.  Mark is her gorgeous boss and the love of her life, or so she thinks.  And then there is her Mom who owns the town funeral home where Callie and her siblings grew up.  Her Dad was kicked out of the family more than 20 years ago when he owned up to an affair while her Mom was pregnant with Fred, Callie’s little brother.  Hester is Callie’s older sister, a doctor of reproductive medicine and a man-hater who takes after Mom.  Fred is gorgeous, a genius but unfocused.  He wants to major in fun and women at college.  Callie’s grandfather is grumpy Noah, an artist extraordinaire in the world of wooden boat building.  And then last but certainly not least in this “town without a frown” is the new Vet, Dr. Ian.  Dr. Ian is competent but not very warm and fuzzy.  Callie thinks he’s actually a Russian assassin.  There you have your cast of characters, but the mayhem they cause is beyond belief.

This is a laugh-out-loud story with little bits of charming poignancy thrown in.  I laughed, I cried, I thoroughly enjoyed reading of Callie’s road to her happily-ever-after ending.    It surprised me because although I’ve read many books which were humorous, I’ve read very few which had me sitting alone in my den laughing myself silly!  Zach, the dog, thought I was demented, but he was good with that…maybe a demented Mommy would feel more like running around the yard with him like a racehorse…his favorite game and one in which I hesitate to participate as I’m lots more than 30? 

Congratulations, Kristan.  In my estimation, you’re produced the perfect romance…lots of rocky roads surmounted, lots of trials won, and truly wonderful, crazy, lovable characters.


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