Matthew Reilly

I’ve had this book in my library for years…since 1999 I think.  I don’t know why I never read it.  Probably it just got lost among all the other action/adventure novels.  Whatever the reason, after I “discovered” Matt Reilly a few months ago when I read Area 7, then Scarecrow, and finally started on his numbered series (7 Deadly Wonders, The 6 Sacred Stones, and The 5 Greatest Warriors), I was completely in love.  His novels are so exciting that they literally leave you breathless with action and danger on EVERY page…and I’m not exaggerating!

Temple is right up my anthropological alley (I’m too old to go out in the field anymore, but I still love to read about it)…an ancient manuscript written by a Catholic priest during the Spanish overthrow of the Incan Empire falls into the hands of a Neo-Nazi organization.  The pages tell of a miraculous Incan idol made of a strange black and purple stone.   Now the whole world, or so it seems, is out to recover the manuscript as well as to find the Incan idol.   The Army recruits a mild-mannered ancient language professor, Will Race, to help them translate a copied portion of the manuscript while en route to Cuzco, Peru.  Will, confused but oblivious to any danger, after all he’s protected by Green Berets and various other Army troops, deciphers the pages of the 16th century saga, and then finds on landing in Peru that he’s expected to journey into the rainforest with the troops!

The only hiccup in Mr. Reilly’s story is the lack of explanation as to why everyone, even though they don’t know what’s in the manuscript, seem to know that a rare and not-of-this earth mineral is involved, an element more powerful and volatile than even plutonium!  Oh well,  the mistake wasn’t enough for me to lose interest.   The mineral was out there and the Nazis wanted it, the Army wanted it, the Navy wanted it, terrorists wanted it, for without it their “world ending” Supernova machine wouldn’t work…now why in the world would anyone create a machine that could end the world?  What am I saying?  Some of the scientists at Los Alamos thought a nuclear explosion would set the atmosphere on fire and still those guys spent years developing the Bomb!  We’re all idiots!

Anyway, there are wild rides on reptile infested rivers, there are battles with huge hungry jaguars, there are really crazy evil old Nazis as well as really crazy evil terrorists, there is war between the Army and Navy (and I don’t mean on the gridiron), and there are more unbelievable stunts than any Knieval ever dreamed up!  I loved every minute of it. 

Mr. Reilly isn’t afraid to rid the world of the bad guy in even the most gruesome manner, but sometimes the good guys just get in the way and go down with them.  Well, that’s life, at least in Mr. Reilly’s world!  In the end just one good man remains to fight another day.   You just have to read this adventure, but have your inhaler handy, because it really will leave you breathless!


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