Off Kilter by Donna Kauffman

Kensington/Brava…please, please, please pay attention to your covers!!!  I’ve written

Off Kilter

about this before, but it’s such a sore point with me, and a lot of people… book covers that have absolutely NOTHING to do with content!  Earlier I blogged about Ms Kauffman’s Some Like It Scot, wonderful story, very “fairy-tale-ish”, but with a cover which did nothing to either enhance or suggest the storyline.  Well, they’ve done it again…and to another of Ms Kauffman’s books.  Off Kilter, a continuation of the story begun in Some Like It Scot.  The cover, as you can see, shows the feet of a man and woman, pretty suggestive, some underclothes and a kilt.  Hot and sexy, right?  Funny?  Not so much.  A really lovely story, with pathos, heart, angst, some snappy dialogue  and awesome sense of place…but…not funny, not cutesy, not flirty, not so many other things!  A gorgeous Scottish crag or raging sea or lovely stacked stone cottage would have done so much more for this book.   Even a blank cover would have been better. 

The title I don’t mind so much.  Tessa and Roan were definitely “off kilter” throughout the story, finding their way to each other sometimes very painfully.  But the threads of this story were more about overcoming your demons, finding your other half, constructing one life out of two lost souls.  The “dropping of kilts” were only found in the first scene and the epilogue. 

So…Ms Kauffman, I loved Off Kilter as I have all your books.  Kensington/Brava, I think you need to go back to the drawing board for your covers.  That’s all I have to say!


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