Silent Scream

Silent Scream

Talk about a twisty plot!  I love Karen Rose’s writing, just enough romance, just enough mystery, and just enough evil to keep you on the edge of your seat.   Silent Scream is kind of a continuation of I Can See You, Rose’s 2009 novel.  You re-enter the lives of some of her Minneapolis characters, Eve and Noah, as well as others, but this is a stand alone story.

David Hunter, hunky firefighter, has been lusting after Officer Olivia Sutherland for more than two years.  The timing never seemed right for either of them, not since that fateful night of Olivia’s sister’s wedding…too much champagne, too many secrets, too much guilt.  But now Olivia and David are thrown back together amid arson and murder.   There are fires being set which are related in some horrible and indecipherable way.  And then the killings begin which at first doesn’t look so much like murder as they do remorse and suicide.  But look closely, there is a thread running through these tragedies and Olivia and David are personally drawn in with the death of her partner and the severe injury to his.

I honestly didn’t tie all the threads together until the very end.  And isn’t that what makes a really successful story?  I think so!  Now I’m going back to read I Can See You.  I want more!


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