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Primitive by Mark Nykanen Published by Belle Bridge Books Mr. Nykanen’s story is kind of thrilling, but it’s also much too preachy for me.  I consider myself knowledgeable but not radical about environmental issues.   But I also believe proselytizing belongs … Continue reading

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When You Dare

When You Dare By Lori Foster For Romantic Suspense, I don’t think you can beat Lori Foster.  I’ve loved her Ultimate Fighting Champion books with all those hunky fighters, but the sweatiness and testosterone flying around sometimes gets a bit … Continue reading

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Aztec Gold

Aztec Gold by Caridad Pineiro Being an Archaeologist by profession as well as by passion, I eagerly anticipated Ms Pineiro’s novel.  However, it was so rife with errors besides being so short, that I really don’t know what I can … Continue reading

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