How to NOT attach formatting from one Computer to another

Lately, I’ve had quite a few queries about personal formatting/codes traveling from one computer to another.  I ran across this problem when I was working with an author who used a MAC (I’m a PC).  I sent her a file, she opened it and “Saved As” on her MAC, did some editing, then sent it back to me…with MAC Character set attached.  When I had finished the ebook and sent it to her for uploading…WOW, there appeared all these quirky codes!  The emails she got from Readers weren’t pretty.   So I looked at the base html for the ebook…and way way up there at the top, instead of Windows and Word 12…it said MAC.  Well, no wonder there were problems!

So the moral of this story, and the solution for today is: 1) Always look at the entire html, not just the text.  Pay particular attention to the heading codes. And 2) Never ever do a “Save As” when you plan on editing a file and then sending it back.  I think you could probably do a “Rename” of the file, but never a “Save As”.

The method: 1) Download the file from your email…it will go into your “Download” folder. 2) Open the Download folder (you’ll see the content appear on your right, but the rest of your computer files/folders will be listed on your left).  3) Drag the downloaded file from the Download on your right to the folder where you want to view it on your left.  For instance…Find a file in the Download folder called “BookfromPam.doc” and drag that to a folder on your computer called “From Pam”.  Now you’ll see in your folder “From Pam” a file called “BookfromPam.doc”. 4)You can click to open this file in your Word or Word for MAC program, edit it to your heart’s content, and when you are finished hit “Save” NOT “Save As”.  The original file that I sent you “BookfromPam.doc” has been saved with it’s original formatting from ME.  Nothing from YOUR computer has been attached as long as you didn’t “Save As” TO YOUR COMPUTER.  Now you can just email that “original edited file” back to me.  No worries!

I know this may seem simplistic to a lot of people, but really, it’s not something most folks do every day.  They write, they Save As, they choose that file, they send it off into the airwaves (or wherever the internet takes them).  They just don’t think about what is attached to the file, what personal coding/formatting travels along with that file.

My job is done for today…hopefully this tip will save you (and me) loads of time and frustration.


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