Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

OK, I keep running into problems with files that I have formatted months ago which the author is just getting around to uploading.  Things change, people! Upload them as soon as you get your file conversions, please!  Not only will you beat the changes, but if you ask me 4 months later to correct your files, it’s quite possible that it will take me HOURS to just FIND your file! And in the meantime I’ve probably finessed my formatting style anyway.

For example.  I finished a Kindle (prc) file for an author in July, and she uploaded it in October.  In that wonderfully formatted document I used two different paragraph styles because she wanted her first paragraphs to be flush left.  Now I could have just formatted all of her paragraphs in MSONormal and then on the Home bar/Paragraph menu just taken out the indent for that paragraph…that’s what I do now.  But in July I was in a Styling mode.

Anyway, the ebook itself looked fine in Kindle, but when someone downloaded a Sample, there were no paragraph indents.  So whatever machination Kindle is using for their Samples disregarded the second Style and just picked up MSONormal for all the paragraphs which had NO indent.

Well, easy fix on my part, and the Sample really isn’t important, but I want happy clients.  Actually I’ve seen entire books from Kindle without paragraph indents and it is annoying.  When that happens I want to send a quick email off to the author and say “you know, I can fix that”…but usually the book isn’t a self-published book, but one from an established publisher…so sad!

And lately, I’ve read quite a few ebooks (Kindle) with the paragraph formatting all over the page!  Sometimes it’s flush left, sometimes indented, occasionally centered.  Now THAT’s annoying!  But again it’s usually from an established publisher.

Well, we’re all just learning, so I’m sure in a year or so ebooks will be better than print books.  And I say that because the mistakes in print books just boggle the mind, don’t they!  And you don’t have the author’s email address/website handy to complain.  Well, if you want to complain contact the publisher…not the poor author, please!  Or if it’s an ebook you’re complaining about and it’s self-published, please be kind.  The mistakes are probably the formatter’s mistakes.  So if you buy an ebook and in the copyright data you see Ebook Formatted by A Thirsty Mind…then just click on that link, it will take you to MY home page and then you can rant and rave to me…I can take it…I wear Big Girls Panties all the time now.  But leave the author alone…they have DEADLINES, BOOK TOURS, EDITORS…they’re stressed enough.



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If you're a published author and are sitting on a basement full of backlisted books, then you've found the right blog. Although I formerly filled these pages with book reviews, they will now be filled with tips on eBook formatting, talk about the current technology of eBooks, and other stuff that interests me and hopefully interests you. I'm currently an eBook formatter, formerly a bookseller, archaeologist, illustrator and lover of all things historical and scientific. And I'm now a permanent citizen of DownEast Maine with my own beach and 175 year old house and everything! Come along for the Journey!
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