Trolls at work in my Image Library

My biz partner and I worked all weekend trying to find our way around that pesky white box that is inserted under images (mostly flourishes) in Kindle.  We researched on line and all the posts were as frustrated as we were.  If you use a “jpg” image, the lines are crisp and clear but in any Kindle or app, when the page is not absolutely white, there is a white box under the flourish.  Very very ugly.  This doesn’t happen in ePub apps (Nook, iBooks, etc).

I had designed a bloodspatter image for the end flourish of a vampire novella that I’m converting.  The white box looks just awful under that.  So we tried “png” files…now we had a dark grey box…then we hit on “gif” files.  No grey or white box, but the quality isn’t as good as a “jpg”.  Since this image has no lines, just red fill, the line quality didn’t matter.  The most important thing was the “Ah, Ha” moment when I tested this image in my Kindle for PC and Kindle for iPad app…no white box!!!!  And in the Kindle for PC I can set the color of the page to almost anything…even turquoise!  I must admit that the red bloodspatter didn’t look very good on the turquoise page, but at least it wasn’t surrounded by a white box!

Well this morning the trolls opened the door and just strutted right into my image library.  I took that lovely little Vampire novella and was in the midst of converting it. The preview came up on MobiPocket and I didn’t like the size of the image.  I thought since there were no lines, just fill, I could re-size the image a little larger.  I went back to my Master Word doc, and just re-formatted the image so it was a wee bit bigger, then resaved to a Webpage, Filtered doc (html).  I always look at those html files in Notepad to make sure all the code is good… so I looked at the vampire file, the image, and it wasn’t a “gif” file but a “png” file.   I don’t have a bloodspatter.png file in my image library, just a “gif” and a “jpg”.  Did the trolls bring it with them?  Well, I knew that the “png” wouldn’t give the right results (a dark grey background, worse than the white box)… so I went back to the drawing board.  Back to the Master vampire file, took the image off, inserted a new image which I KNEW was a gif, and reconverted.  This time I looked at the file in my Kindle for PC where you have lots of page colors to choose from.  Picked turquoise and I got a bloodspatter with a dark grey background.  What the “poopie”!  I did this 3 times.  The 4th time… I decided to just use another File folder so I didn’t get anything mixed up.  So I made a new file folder, stuck the Master vampire.doc and a new html file in there.  Then converted the html from the new folder….and I had overcome the trolls.  I don’t know how I defeated them, or why they came to make war on me in the first place…a dinky little 5 minute job turned into a solid hour of frustration.  But in the end I got a “background-less” bloodspatter image.

I don’t think I’ll be able to do it again.  The simplest thing will be to go straight to the source and get Kindle to TAKE OFF THAT WHITE BOX!!!  If ePub doesn’t have it then Kindle/prc/mobi can just concede the war and change their format!!!  Don’t you think?  As a consumer and a developer, I’m sick of this war anyway.   I bet Kindle sent those trolls this morning!  I’m going to have to get out the Oregano! Garlic for Vamps, Oregano for Trolls, right?


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