Create Space and Internal images

Well, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… you learn something new every darn day. And today it was something about Create Space.

I love working in POD (print on demand). It’s so creative. But for a few of my clients, internal images haven’t been coming out very well. Stupid me never thought that there would be something within WORD’s default system that was causing this problem. In the current project I was agonizing over a logo, a simple script plus paint swoosh element. The working file was done in Adobe Illustrator (eps) and then I exported it into Adobe Photoshop (jpg) in 300dpi, as Create Space instructs. This works nicely.

Now the trouble comes. I put that image (jpg, 300dpi) into a WORD doc, it looked good, saved it as a PDF file (as Create Space instructs), my client uploaded it, and the previewer in CS said that the image was 150dpi. Now how could that be, you say? The image was directly placed into WORD from Photoshop where the image was 300dpi. However… and here comes the problem… Create Space doesn’t like compression, and they’re right. WORD tries to compress everything you do so that the final file will be nice and tidy and compact. But when you’re printing this sucker… you want it nice and tidy and CRISP!!!

Just changing the WORD file so there is no compression actually doesn’t work, so instead I went directly to the PDF which is uploaded to Create Space, and edited the image within the PDF… I can do this because I have ADOBE Pro which allows all kinds of editing and other stuff to go on directly within the PDF. So I deleted the image that was in the PDF, then replaced it with an image from Photoshop which I know is 300dpi. And then saved it. At least the file size is bigger which leads me to believe that the image I placed into the PDF has more dpis.

Just heard from my client… the book is uploaded and there are NO issues within the preview. Eureka! I think we have it.

All I can say is… WORD… you’re a mess! And also… Create Space… you should have mentioned this problem before, like in your instructions! Just checking that box marked DO NOT COMPRESS IMAGES within WORD’s Options – Advanced – Image will not be sufficient. Even though you tell WORD not to compress an internal image, they do anyway, at least through the ‘Save as PDF’ command.


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