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After the Countdown deal at Amazon for Stone Bay by Min Edwards, we decided to see what an ad would do to increase readership at Goodreads. The campaigns are interesting. For a set fee (we chose $50) and a set click-fee (we chose $0.50 per click) Goodreads will display your ad to a filtered readership (Adult Fiction, Romance, etc). Everytime someone clicks on your ad, Goodreads takes $0.50 out of your budget. Often the same people who click to see your Goodreads profile, also place your book on their bookshelf to purchase/read later.

I don’t see the down-side of this at all. You budget your ad money, the ad (ads, you can run several simultaneously) runs until there’s no more money in your ad account, and I feel if readers just see your cover it’s got to be good for you, right?

However, I’m on an RWA self-publishing loop (a Yahoo Group set up by Romance Writers of America members) and there hasn’t been many kind words for this kind of campaign. I’m not sure I see the drawbacks. You make an ad, you decide your budget, voila, the ad flies until you run out of money! I’ve been pretty happy with it so far. It’s run a week and we have 6 Goodreads readers who’ve put the book in their to-be-read pile and we’ve sold books! How can that be bad?

We also discovered after our Amazon countdown sale ran it’s course… and yes, we sold books! That we couldn’t do this again until September (only once in your Kindle Select enrollment.) However, and this is cool… we can run another countdown deal at Nowhere else though. So as soon as Stone Cold, our Romantic Suspense title, is ready to publish, we’re going to do the UK thing for Stone Bay.

Marketing is hard!!! My virtual assistant had several clients, but has decided to concentrate on just my books… well, he’s my son, so of course he’d want to exclusively help his mom!


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  1. athirstyblog says:

    An update on the Campaign for STONE BAY at Goodreads. It worked well, books added to Goodreads members’ bookshelves. I have to admit I’m not a very good Goodreads follower. I’ve been too busy writing this year to add books ore review books, but I promise to do better in 2015

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