If you’re a published author and are sitting on a basement full of backlisted books, then you’ve found the right blog. Although I used to fill these pages with book reviews, they will now be filled with tips on ebook formatting, talk about the current technology of ebooks, and other stuff that interests me and hopefully interests you. I’m currently an ebook formatter, formerly a bookseller, archaeologist, illustrator and lover of all things historical and scientific. And I’m now a permanent (well at least for a couple of years, then I plan to be a summer resident) citizen of DownEast Maine with my own beach and 175 year old house and everything! Come along for the Journey!

If you’re intrigued by the banner of the blog, let me tell you a bit about it.  It was painted on canvas during the WPA period (1936) in California.  The canvas is 5′ x 28′, yes FEET, and hung as the star above my bar at A Thirsty Mind Words & Wines, my lovely bookstore in Central Texas.  I miss that bookstore every day, as do my customers, but independent bookstores are very hard to maintain in this economy and are very restrictive of your time.  Although I loved running the bookstore, I love my new business even more…getting paid for READING books and helping authors to kick-start their careers in self-publishing.  It is so rewarding when those books go “live” both for my author clients and for me!

We hope you find our blog interesting and informative.  If you have any formatting questions or comments, please feel free to contact us on our website www.athirstymind.com.


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