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Trolls at work in my Image Library

My biz partner and I worked all weekend trying to find our way around that pesky white box that is inserted under images (mostly flourishes) in Kindle.  We researched on line and all the posts were as frustrated as we … Continue reading

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An Author’s Voice

The more e-books you produce for an Author, the more you become familiar with their “voice”. The words they are apt to use, the punctuation, the italics. This makes proofreading a joy and so much less stressful. I’m doing the … Continue reading

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Raw Scans from a Formatters View

Probably most of you don’t know what a raw scan which has been run through OCR software (Optical Character Recognition) looks like.  Let me just list a few things that a proofreader has to look for: 1) Dropped punctuation, I … Continue reading

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I was skeptical about Twitter for a long time. But in the past few months I’ve found that my Author-clients use Twitter for all kinds of things…keeping in touch with other Authors, advertising contests on their blogs and websites, mentioning books … Continue reading

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Forcing your TOC

I love Calibre/Sigil for constructing epub files, but what I don’t love is the Calibre generated TOC which picks up H1 and H2 Chapter Heading Styles.  I don’t like it because it forces you to use H1 and H2 heading … Continue reading

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Eat a Good Lunch!

I know, a very odd title to a blog post.  But that’s one of the big things I’ve learned in this E-Book formatting journey.  Without food for the brain, you’re brain stops working! I recently breezed through a Kindle Content … Continue reading

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Winter in Maine

Well, the weather is awful, not at all like a Texas winter, but it gives me the excuse to stay in  and work, work, work. I’ve learned so much about formatting and the changing technology of e-books in the last … Continue reading

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