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Primitive by Mark Nykanen Published by Belle Bridge Books Mr. Nykanen’s story is kind of thrilling, but it’s also much too preachy for me.  I consider myself knowledgeable but not radical about environmental issues.   But I also believe proselytizing belongs … Continue reading

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Aztec Gold

Aztec Gold by Caridad Pineiro Being an Archaeologist by profession as well as by passion, I eagerly anticipated Ms Pineiro’s novel.  However, it was so rife with errors besides being so short, that I really don’t know what I can … Continue reading

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Matthew Reilly I’ve had this book in my library for years…since 1999 I think.  I don’t know why I never read it.  Probably it just got lost among all the other action/adventure novels.  Whatever the reason, after I “discovered” Matt … Continue reading

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Beneath the Dark Ice

Greig Beck Mr. Beck certainly threw in the kitchen sink here, but he pulls it all together in the end.  Beneath the Dark Ice is one part mythology, one part Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth, one part … Continue reading

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Bargain with the Devil

After reading F.J.Chase’s first novel, Darkness Under Heaven, I thought that the writing style had merit, but the action was a bit too frenetic and unbelievable.  I recommended the novel to my readers of espionage because the main character was so … Continue reading

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Meg: Hell’s Aquarium

I don’t know how you feel about the action/adventure genre, but I need my fix of mayhem quite regularly.  I read Clive Cussler (he’s a guilty pleasure), James Rollins (a favorite) and anything by Steve Alten.  You may not be … Continue reading

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